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Managing the Side Effects of Weight Loss in Southlake

For many people, there are some minor problems they may face after a lot of weight loss. One such problem is the appearance of very loose skin. This is actually a common complaint for those who lose significant amounts of weight once past their teenage years or early 20s. It happens because the skin has stretched through the years to accommodate an increased size, and when there is no longer as much fat filling out your skin, it basically deflates like an emptied balloon.


In extreme cases, this downside of weight loss in Southlake is handled surgically. However, for most people, non-invasive solutions will work. We offer Z Wave, which uses radial shockwaves to tighten the connective tissue in the affected area. Once treatment is complete, a reasonable amount of extra skin is tightened up, eliminating the "deflated" appearance. It's especially good for areas like under the chin, which are hard or impossible to directly exercise.


We also offer cellulite treatments in Southlake using the same system. Cellulite occurs when patches of skin have become loose and dehydrated, while the areas in between stayed tight. By treating the skin so it is at equal tension all over, we reduce or eliminate the problem.


Our cellulite treatments are painless and involve no downtime. We still recommend that you set up a consultation prior to treatment, though, to make sure that Z Wave is right for you. We'll also recommend any combination treatments we believe are necessary. This helps to ensure that you get the best possible results.


To set up a consultation, just give us a call here at CoolSculpting of Southlake in Southlake, Texas.

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