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Non Invasive Body Sculpting Southlake

Types of Non Invasive Body Sculpting in Southlake

Beauty clinics have offered more and more types of body sculpting as the trend to avoid cosmetic surgery has grown. This trend is fueled in part by news stories of surgeries gone wrong, expanding knowledge of surgical risks, and a general tendency to seek the least disruptive options that will still yield quick results. While it was hard to find good options early in this trend's life, it is now fairly easy to get non invasive body sculpting in Southlake.


There are three popular types of non invasive body sculpting offered here at Coolsculpting of Southlake. The first is right in our name: CoolSculpting. This procedure is best for removing stubborn pockets of fat that remain after a sufficiently-long program of diet and exercise. It causes pockets of fat cells near the surface to die off without harming the non-fat cells around them.


Next, we have the EMSCULPT system. Emsculpting not only targets fat, but helps build muscle. It uses electromagnetic waves to cause strong muscle contractions. After enough sessions, this causes the muscles to reconfigure themselves in more appealing ways. It produces an effect that is likened to a good workout, but with much less effort and pain involved. Since it uses your own body's natural responses, the final outcome is goof-proof. Your body will look toned, and people are sure to think that you spent hours in the gym to make it happen.


Finally, we offer Z Wave. Unlike the other types of body sculpting near me, this one targets loose skin. Loosened or sagging skin is a side-effect of many procedures that only target fat, and to get the best look, it needs to be tightened up. Z Wave works on all areas, but is especially popular for those that are hard or impossible to target with exercise, like the area under your chin.


For many people, Emsculpting near me is the perfect solution to their desire for a better-looking body. This is because it doesn't just target fat or skin, but helps with muscle development and definition as well. It also produces the most natural look since it uses your own muscles to alter your body shape. The difference is that instead of spending hours working out on your own, you come in for 1/2-hour sessions and let the machine trigger the muscle contractions. You'll not only find it more enjoyable, you'll discover that these carefully-targeted contractions are more efficient at producing the look you want.


For a consultation on Emsculpting or any of our other non-invasive body sculpting methods, just give us a call here at Coolsculpting of Southlake.

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